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With a variety of different stages and events throughout the weekend festival, we're always looking for fresh and exciting new talent that represents the LGBT community, and entertains the crowds.

If you're interested in performing at this year's Avalanche Ontario Gay Ski Weekend festival, please use this form to submit your application.

OGSW16 Performer Application


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The Avalanche Ontario Gay Ski Weekend festival runs January 7 - 10, 2016. For a variety of reasons, including but not limited to logistics, we require exclusive date bookings on dates that you would perform for the festival. Please confirm which dates (as of now), you are available to perform at the festival.
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Submit Application

Thank you for your interest in helping us celebrate Pride in Ontario, and for taking the time to fill out this application.
While we would love to include everyone that applies, we only have a limited number of performer slots available. We will only contact those we are interested and able to book for this festival year.
Please note: Producers of the festival are involved with other projects and organizations, we may keep your application on file, and may share information (including your contact information) with other producers or organizations from time to time in the spirit of building the LGBT community, and supporting the talented performers of our community.
This does not mean you shouldn't reapply to perform at the Avalanche Ontario Gay Ski Weekend festival each year. You should. We will primarily look only at applications from the respective festival year.
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