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Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims, Assumption of Risks and Indemnity Agreement

By purchasing a ticket or pass, or by participating in any festival activity or event, you agree to be bound by the terms of the Release Agreement.

Your Safety is YOUR responsibility.

Third Party Policies

Many of our events, activities and services provided during the course of the festival are provided by thrid parties.  It is your responsibility to be familiar with their terms, conditions and policies as well.  Participation in these activities bind you to their respective policies.

Alpine Responsibility Code

While participating in any ski or snowboard related activity, including but not limited to participating in the "Group Ski" program, you are required at all times to be familiar with and follow the alpine responsibility code.

Disclosure of Intent

VLS Productions Inc, operating as Avalanche Events, provides and maintains festival production and management services for the OGSW festival to Pride Ontario.  Neither VLS nor Pride Ontario is a travel agency.  We do not sell or offer any travel related product.  We do however provide information about travel products that our partners offer and sell, and links directed to these same partners and suppliers, for information and illustrative purposes only.  While every attempt is made to keep information current and accurate, neither VLS Productions Inc nor Pride Ontario can be held responsible for any misrepresentation of a product or service.  Always check directly with the service or product supplier you are purchasing from for full details and information.

Neither VLS Productions nor Pride Ontario owns payment processing processing systems.  All sales for any product or service are handled either directly by our suppliers or partners, or through our online third party payment systems.  We will never see your payment details, nor have them stored on any of our servers.  We are not responsible for any personal information you provide these suppliers or services.  It is recommended that you refer to the individual privacy policies as terms & conditions pages of whichever site you are directed to when actually making a purchase.

Disclosure of Third Party Data Collection/Sharing

Some of your personal information will be shared between festival organizers and third party partners or service providers for the purposes of coordination and execution of the festival.  This information is to be used only for the purposes of the festival.  We receive name, contact information, and room assignment from our accommodations partners.  We receive participant name and contact information from third party event and activity partners.  We receive ALL information you provide during ticket or pass purchase with the exception of your payment details.  Any information we receive we may use to contact you with information relevant to the festival only.  We share with our partners and suppliers name lists only.  We will not share your contact information.  Please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Purchase of Ticket/Pass for someone else

You are more than welcome to purchase a ticket or pass on behalf of someone else.  This does come with some responsibilities:

      • You must provide an accurate name for every participant, as the name on the ticket/pass must match the person’s Government issued photo I.D.
      • You must provide valid contact information for every participant so that we can communicate with them directly.
      • It's your responsibility to ensure that the person(s) for whom you have purchased the ticket or pass for is aware of the Release Agreement, for by participating they will be bound by the same agreement.

Registration Transfer

The name on a ticket/pass must match that of the participant using it.  Life happens and things change.  In the event a person you have purchased a ticket/pass for is unable to attend, you can apply for a registration transfer of that ticket/pass to a new person.

To apply for a ticket/pass registration transfer you must:

      • Be the original ticket/pass purchaser of record.
      • Provide the following information:
        • Order Number
        • Your name
        • Name of the original listed participant for the ticket/pass you wish to transfer
        • Name and valid contact information for new participant
      • Original Listed Participant must have valid contact information in our files so that we can contact them directly to confirm their surrender of the ticket/pass.

Upon receipt of the above information, and confirmation of permission from the original listed participant, we will consider, but not guarantee a registration transfer of the ticket or pass.

Applications must be submitted prior to Jan 2, 2015.

Requests must be able to be completed by end of day Jan 5, 2015.  (i.e. if we don’t hear back from original listed participant in time to process the request, the application will be denied.)

Refund Policy

After payment has been processed, all purchases are 100% non-refundable. Cancellations due to medical and/or other related emergency may be eligible for a partial refund with a valid medical certificate.

Merchandise may not be returned.

Each request will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Festival Check-in / Welcome Centre

The e-ticket you receive for your festival pass purchase IS NOT your festival pass.  It must be exchanged for your festival pass at Pride Headquarters.

Required for Festival Pass Pickup:

      • Government Issued Photo I.D.
      • While your e-ticket will help expedite the check-in process, it is not required.  We can use I.D. to look up your pass registration.
      • In the event of an issue with a registration, in the interest of expediency, your patience will be appreciated as we ask you to wait so we can process other participants through in a timely manner.

Pride Headquarters is located in the Grand Central Lodge.  For more information about Pride Headquarters including hours of operation click here.


The name on your ticket or pass must match that on your valid government issued photo I.D.  Please have I.D. ready for inspection.

Festival Pass Holder Priority Entry

Avalanche Events does not believe in lines.  People outside aren't having fun.  We want everyone inside as fast as possible.  However, due to legal venue capacity issues, if capacity is reached we must adhere to the law.  To be fair to those who pre-purchased passes or tickets, festival pass holders get priority entry all night. However immediate entry cannot be guaranteed.  In the event that capacity has been reached and the door needs to be held, pass and ticket holders will be admitted first as able.  Avoid waits, arrive early.

Right of Admittance Reserved (ROAR)

Ticket or pass purchase does not guarantee entry to any event.

We reserve the right to:

      • Search person and property for banned items or substances.   At the discretion of the security officer conducting the search, the option may be given to surrender the item or substance to be disposed of (not returned), or entry may be denied.
      • Hold, delay, restrict, or refuse entry due to capacity restrictions. (We're not interested in creating a line for lines sake, only if event/venue capacity has been reached.  You're more fun inside than out).
      • Refuse entry to any person deemed under age, intoxicated, under the influence of any drugs, or considered a general disturbance or security risk.
      • Eject any person deemed under age, intoxicated, under the influence of any drugs, or considered a general disturbance or security risk.
      • While there is no mandatory dress code, nudity and extreme provocative forms of dress are not permitted.  This is a "family" resort.  Failure to comply will result in you being asked to leave and change, then return.

All decisions are at the sole discretion of festival organizers, security staff, or venue staff, and are final and without refund.

In the event of disturbance, threat or violation of law, the violator may be detained and turned over to police for investigation and/or prosecution.

Coat Check

Coat Check is MANDATORY at some events.  This is because there just isn't enough space to stash everyone's coat otherwise.

Age Restriction

Some events are age restricted.  It is your responsibility to know if this is the case before purchasing a ticket or pass for an event.

In the case of 19+ events, please have valid government issued photo I.D. for inspection.  Failure to meet this requirement will result in denied entry or expulsion from an event without refund.  Those found in the possession of a "fake I.D." may be turned over to police for possible criminal prosecution.

In the case of "Youth" events, those deemed at the sole discression of festival organizers, venue staff, security or police to be over the age of 18 will be deined entry or ejected from the event without refund unless they can provide proof of age.
Exception: Parent or guardian of a youth participant who is attending the event.

See also: Service of Alcohol to Minors

Solicitation of Minors - ZERO TOLERANCE

Do we really need to talk about this one?  Some events and activities are "all ages".  Anyone found in violation of applicible age of consent laws will be immediately turned over to police.  This is the law... not a policy.

Supplying Alcohol to Minors - ZERO TOLERANCE

While you may have friends with you under the legal drinking age of 19, and want to show them a good time, the service of alcohol to minors is prohibited by law, and puts at risk not just you, but the venue, establishment, resort, and festival as well.  There is a strict ZERO TOLERANCE policy regarding the service of alcohol to minors.  We have to be very serious about this one, anyone found serving alcohol to minors at ANY time (even during a non-official event/activity) will be immediately banned from all events and activities for the duration of the festival, and turned over to police for possible criminal prosecution.

Responsible Consumption of Alcohol

For the enjoyment of yourself and others attending the festival, please drink responsibly.  Know your limits and stay within them.  Anyone deemed to be intoxicated may be denied entry, refused service, or ejected.  Such determinations will be made at the sole discretion of festival organizers, venue staff, security, or police.  All decisions are final and without appeal or refund.  Failure to comply with the decision made may result in a ban from all future events, or possible criminal prosecution.


OGSW is a drug free zone.  Any person found in possession of, or deemed under the influence of any narcotics at any time during the festival will be refused entry, or immediately ejected, and banned from any future events/activities during the festival's duration.  Such determinations will be made at the sole discretion of festival organizers, venue staff, security or police.  All decisions are final and without appeal or refund, and may result in possible criminal prosecution.


Yes we know it is cold outside.  But the law is the law.  There is NO SMOKING inside.  Please enjoy your cigarettes outside in the designated areas.  Festival Executive Producer will most likely join you out there at some point himself.  Anyone smoking inside, or in an otherwise smoking restricted area will be immediately ejected from the event/activity without refund.

We reserve the right to change these terms and polices at anytime without notice.

It's all about creating a fun, positive and safe environment for all to enjoy.